Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today's Things

Forgive me that the weblog doesn't look very good yet, but I'll get to it shortly- promise. I'm still learning my way around here.

Today was quite busy. I went shopping with my kids and two of my sisters in preparation for throwing a bridal shower for my 3rd sister who is getting married in June. The shower is Saturday and we've made all kinds of plans-- now to put them into action! We're doing a fondue party so we'll have a lot of prep on the day of the party. Lots of fruit cutting and chocolate melting. Mmmm...

When we went to Target to pick up plates, I also picked up some long men's socks for my 8-month-old son. Why men's socks, you ask? Because I wanted to make him some "baby legs" since he's crawling around and rubbing his poor little knees raw. I made 3 pair this evening in about an hour. It only took that long because I did them by hand instead of with the machine and I was frequently interrupted by kid needs. They were so quick and easy! I'll put up some pictures tomorrow.

I taught in the afternoon, and tried to get a bit of cleaning done in the studio after an early end to my teaching day, but I get too distracted playing with my boys to get much done at one time. We are moving in just 2 weeks, so I really need to get a move on packing up some things. I've been working on a packing/moving schedule. We're just moving across town, so we can start taking things over at any time- we just have to actually get started on it! It's hard to know what can go now and what can't- I don't want to be stuck without something we truly need.

I'm excited to have this space to share. I've been browsing many other blogs that are in the same vein as this one, and I'll be linking in the coming weeks. Some are blogs that I have read religiously for quite awhile, and some are blogs that I have come across in the last week or two that have lent me some kind of inspiration.

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