Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Diligence Check-In

I've been reading quite a bit about Charlotte Mason and specifically about building habits in my children, but decided I couldn't help them to build habits when I haven't developed good habits of my own!

I posted last week about working to develop my own new habits, starting with Diligence. I listed seven specific goals that I'm working on right now, and thought I'd check in with you with how I did last week. 

1. Rising at 6 a.m. and completing my morning routine before my boys wake up. This was the hardest thing on the list. I am so not a morning person, but the 2 days that I was up by 6 went really well and I felt pretty relaxed and in control all day. Of all the goals I'm working on I think this one is the key to everything.

2. Packing a lunch for Superman. I packed for him 4 days, and at least reminded him to do it the rest of the time. Not bad!

3. Keeping on top of laundry each day instead of running several loads all in one day. I did really well on this until yesterday! Now I'm a bit behind, but I'm catching up this evening while Superman is at school.

4. Doing dishes as they come at each meal rather than having a big kitchen clean up each night. I have kept up on this one really well. This is probably the thing I'm most proud of since I hate dishes more than just about anything.

5. Keeping at my “to do” list all day long rather than congratulating myself half way through and calling it a job well done. I did alright with this goal. Most of the time I kept at things and didn't call it quits until the kids were in bed. I did not do well on the weekend with it though, so I need to keep working at this goal.

6. Drinking enough water and eating enough calories each day. Not enough water or enough calories. I have to take time to eat when the boys eat rather than using that time to do other things.

7. Going to bed by 10 with Superman. I'm bad about this one too! I tend to stay up until midnight, and then struggle to wake up with Little Bit at 6:30/6:45. I have to take care of this! I know that once I start getting up consistently at 6 a.m. I'll drop into bed earlier.

So, trying again this week!

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