Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of Order

I'm a symmetrical person. I like simple clean lines around me and I like my world to have order. I love to make lists and plan ahead. On the other hand, I like some spontenaity amidst all of my planning.

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to teach my son, so planning for this year was kind of difficult. We're kind of eclectic right now while I'm figuring out what works for both of us. I originally thought we'd mostly be doing unit study type things, some lapbooks and lots of reading, but it turns out my boy wants "papers." He wants papers with directions, I think because he's very goal oriented (like his daddy!). So we're doing a bit of everything and we'll see where it takes us.

I was a classroom teacher for 5 years before Big Kid was born, but I feel like I'm starting over. I really don't feel like doing lots of seat work is a good idea at 3 years old, which is why I'm leaning Montessori. I'm reading a lot of Montessori materials right now and everything I read I find myself nodding in agreement. But on the other hand, this feels completely the opposite of what I "should" be doing. It's like starting over with everything I know about teaching- like everything is out of order, but I think this will be good.

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