Friday, September 12, 2008

Reading Again

I was one of those kids that burned through 3 or 4 novels a week easily and when I told my mom I was out of books she would sigh because we had just gone to the library 4 days earlier. My best birthday memory was the year I turned 8 and my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday with the reminder that she could only spend $30 dollars. I told her I wanted as many books as she could get me for that amount of money, and she did it. Between garage sales and sale racks she bought a box full of books that lasted me for a few months. I honestly cannot think of a better childhood birthday!

One of my personal goals for the year has been to read more adult fiction. As of January 1, 2008 I believe I had read 3 novels TOTAL in the previous 2 years. Having 2 babies in that amount of time will do that- my reading time was taken up with parenting books and career-related books. I determined to read more this year and I've been doing well- I'm in the middle of my 14th novel this year. I don't keep track of the non-fiction books I go through because I go through those like crazy!

I read my first Philippa Gregory novel about 2 months ago and I'm now on my third novel by her. I started with The Other Boleyn Girl, moved on to The Constant Princess, and now I'm on The Boleyn Inheritance. Boy, have I missed historical fiction! Her books have gotten me into "a novel per week" pace in the last few months. I read other things in between her books while I'm waiting for them to come in at the library just because there is a waiting list on every single one of her books! Otherwise I believe I would have finished the whole Tudor series by now.

As soon as I finish The Boleyn Inheritance I have Private Demon by Lynn Viehl waiting. After that is Club Dead by Charlaine Harris, then hopefully The Queen's Fool (Philippa Gregory) will be in. I've had Twilight by Stephenie Meyer on my nightstand since my birthday a few months ago but haven't really felt like reading it yet. Also on my nightstand, Pretties by Scott Westerfield.

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