Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reed's Quilt

I wrote last week about the loss of a friends little one. Our board is putting together a quilt in his memory and each member is sending fabric that reminds them of little Reed. I just received the first bit of fabric in the mail yesterday and I will be getting pieces in over the next week from the United States, Canada, the UK-- all to honor a little boy we grew to love and adore even though we never met him face to face.

I will be posting progress here as I receive pieces and as I work on the quilt. My mother is helping with design and piecing and a friend of hers who is a fabulous machine quilter has graciously agreed to make room in her quilting schedule to quilt the project as soon as it is complete so that we can send the quilt out as soon as possible.

This is just a small bit of what we are able to do in rememberance of our board's little lion, Reed.


  1. Erin!
    It will be great to see the project progress, I can't wait to watch the whole journey of Reed's quilt.
    Thank you for doing this!
    And thanks to your Mom and her friends!

  2. Thanks again Erin. I am looking forward to watching the quilt come together. A special thanks to your mom and her friend too for helping you get this quilt together for Sarah and Wayne.


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