Thursday, November 5, 2009


Outside my window… It's a crisp morning. I'm just waiting for the first frost so that I can dig up the lily bulbs. We brought the little  lemon tree inside not too long ago and it's doing well.


We've had a few cardinals visiting the crabapple tree in the backyard in the last few days, and they boys are so excited to see new birds!


I am thinking… about the holidays. Only 7 weeks now until Christmas, and I will be out of town for one of those weeks. I need to spend a lot more time at the sewing machine!


I am thankful for… a clean kitchen. I've been making that a focus in the last week or so while I've been feeling overwhelmed with other things and it helps so much to always come down to a clean kitchen in the morning. I feel like I'm ahead on my day!


Always Learning… We picked up a few School Zone workbooks at the store that were pretty cheap (I think $3 a piece?) because Ender asked for some papers to do. I think that desire was born out of two things- he is *really* into writing right now, and also his friend at church goes to preschool and talks to him about bringing papers home, so I think he wanted the same thing.


Ender has been working his way through the Math Readiness book whenever he likes and he's been doing 3 or 4 pages at a time. Right now it's a lot of counting and matching groups with the same number, both skills he's had for quite awhile, but using his pencil to connect them makes it more exciting. He's really seeking to write a lot  and this is satisfying some of that need without the exercise of forming readable letters.


Ezra has been using descriptive speech lately and his 2 word vocabulary is expanding. Lots of "blue shirt" and "pretty flower" kind of talk. I'm so happy to hear his language expand now. He's been on the borderline of needing speech therapy several months, but this is the first time he's been firmly in an "average" category. He also said "love you" to his daddy the other day for the first time. I love those little words from little mouths!


From the kitchen… A really good potato soup earlier in the week, and on the menu for the weekend is a roast with potatoes and carrots, chili, and fresh bread.


I am wearing… My long red linen skirt, a black long sleeve t-shirt, and black knee socks. I really need to finish those new slips so that I'll be a little warmer in my other skirts.


I am creating… Christmas stockings and December lesson plans.


I am going… to sew like a maniac starting this evening while Superman is in class and through the weekend.


I am reading… Kushiel's Justice by Jacqueline Carey.


I am hoping… that this annoying cold clears up soon. It's difficult to blog or sew or do any of my extras when I'm asleep by 8:30.


I am hearing… Little Einsteins and little boys munching on crackers and cheese for snack.


Around the house… I’m keeping up on the minimums housekeeping wise, but sleep is definitely coming in first place.


One of my favorite things… Is it too soon to claim the frozen Apple pie filling? I had some last night and I'm sooooo glad that I put that away for this winter!


A few plans for the rest of the week … Helping Superman study for another competency exam, spending time outside while we have the sun with us, sewing, and finishing out the garden.

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