Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Jayne


Meet Little Jayne- the hat Ezra has taken over. Ender changed his mind and decided on a different pattern for his hat, but Ezra *loves* having a hat just like daddy.


This is just the smaller size of the Jayne hat I made for Superman. To quote the pattern designer "I feel that to make it a better hat (with really nice yarn, or without the loose strings which dangle from the ear flaps) is to miss the point." So it's supposed to be a little bunchy and "off". I made my Jayne hats with Redheart supersaver yarn as the pattern calls for and they were really fast knits. I had to make some number adjustments to the pattern for Superman's hat (the man has a strangely shaped head), but Ezra's fit great in the smallest listed size.


*** And a baby update! baby Lucas was born yesterday in the late afternoon. My sister K ended up having a c-section for her son and everyone is happy and healthy! ***


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on little Lucas! A 2/10/2010 boy! Does the hat fit him?

    I think the colors of Ezra's hat are perfect for gloomy winter days. :)

  2. pleased baby and sister are fine...C-sections are NOT fun!
    I Love this bright and cheery!
    Have a great weekend.


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