Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

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My in-laws are taking us to New York City next summer as a graduation gift to my husband. When they asked what we wanted to see while we were there, Superman said the usual stuff- central park, the Statue of Liberty, maybe a Yankees game . . .

I really just want to go to PurlSoho. I've been to the city before and done the touristy stuff. I *really* just want the chance to spend a week an afternoon in that store!



Ender asked me yesterday:  "Mama, what's your favorite opposite?"

I had never really thought about that before so I went with "left and right."

He frowned at me and shook his head. "I thought you'd say inside and outside. That's really the best one."

Ooooookay . . .



I received a copy of Design-It-Yourself Clothes by Cal Patch the other day thanks to a misplaced amazon gift card from Christmas. I think the entirety of my spring and summer sewing will revolve around this book, save a brief excursion into pants for little boys that grow far too quickly.

I've made a few items for myself, but almost exclusively skirts. I'm ready to branch out a litle bit and I think this is the book to help me do it.



I started knitting new socks Wednesday night. I was supposed to start on a hat for myself next, but when I knit my swatch I realized I need to go up a needle size and it's the one size of DPNs I don't have. Obviously I needed another project to last me until I can get to the store for needles and this yarn was calling to me.

I lost the tag for the yarn so I can't even tell you about the yarn except that I really love how it's knitting up and that I bought it at my LYS last year on my anniversary. (Yes, Superman took me yarn shopping for our anniversary. We did manly guy stuff at Bass Pro too.)



Ezra is on day 5 of full-time underwear wearing! Except for a minor setback where he thought in one wild moment that he could pee anywhere he wanted (like in the track of the sliding glass door?!?!?) he's doing really well!



I know this is appalling for a supposedly education-oriented blog (For the record, I kind of laugh when people refer to this place that way since it's such a hodge podge record of our life) but we've done NOTHING for 2 weeks. Well, I shouldn't say nothing. Ender made a really cool guitar out of rubber bands, a shoe box, a paper towel roll and an unholy amount of duct tape. He has also been making plans for a few experiments out of 50 Science Things to Make and Do for us to do this weekend. The kid is serious- he has a supply pile going.

This is survival mode for me- I'm getting done what I must and spending the free time with my kids and knitting away the hours after they're in bed before Superman is home from work or class. Knitting totally chills me.



And the reason for survival mode is that we're waiting to hear about Superman's job- he may or may not have one six weeks from now. He's been very actively looking for other work since the announcement was made at the beginning of the year, but there are an awful lot of people looking right now just like he is. Hence, heavy prayer and lots of stress-relieving knitting on my end. Thank goodness my mother recently donated to my yarn stash or you'd find me a few weeks from now frogging finished work just to have something to knit again.


  1. gb sent you another set of photos today. Duct tape involved. ;)

  2. wow you sort of had no chance with the opposite question LOL

  3. I would love to knit socks but find it so daugnting. I even got some books on it for my birthday 2 years ago.
    So sorry to hear about your husband and the job. I will pray for you and your family.
    Thank goodness for crafts that help us through as we pray our little heart oout.
    Thanks for sharing
    God Bless

  4. The sock thing really intimidated me too at first, but I found this one tutorial that REALLY helped:

    There are pictures all along the way and being a visual learner that made all the difference to me rather than reading the directions alone, even though the directions were the same.

  5. Thank you Gardenbug! We really enjoyed the bear pictures. Ezra wants to look at them all day long!

  6. I know, right???

  7. Oh, I'm praying for your family and the job situation. We're going through something similar right now, not knowing if hubby will have a job set up by the time his ends in a few months. We have time, but...the uncertainty is frustrating. Since I don't knit, I just sweat :) Whadaya say we swap prayer requests?

  8. The opposite question is no fair, what about fast and slow? Or light and dark? Or good and evil? I can't wait to have a kid old enough to ask me strange questions like that. :)

  9. Prayers for your husbands job situation. I know that stress.

  10. I like silly & serious. There's a time for each.
    Though as a younger mother, indoor play vs outdoor play were a BIG DEAL to me. DH and the children broke the legs off the couches many times while wrestling....
    As a knitter, left & right are mighty important!


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