Thursday, August 19, 2010

Continents & Oceans Mini-Unit

The focus of our year is a broad look at the continents. We are learning about the people and a little bit about the culture, but we are specifically focusing on the different kinds of habitats and animals that can be found around the world.

We're starting our continent study with a little mini-unit to introduce the concepts of continents and oceans.


Where Is My Continent? (First Step Nonfiction)

The ABCs of Continents (The Abcs of the Natural World)

The Seven Continents (Rookie Read-About Geography)

Earth's Oceans (Looking at Earth)

Other Resources:

Melissa & Doug World Map 33 pcs Floor Puzzle (this puzzle will be used every day)

Map Outlines (We use the robinson projection with no labels for this project)

Day 1:

** Read "ABC's of the Continents p. 4-6.
** Read Earth's Oceans
** Color the map, continents brown and oceans blue.

Day 2:

** Read Where is My Continent?
** Outline North America, mark our hometown.
** Discuss these questions:
1. What kind of weather do we have in our city?
2. Do we live by the ocean? Near Mountains? On the plains?

Day 3:

** Read The Seven Continents.
** Label the continents.
** Read "ABCs" p. 7, 10, and 26 (about different habitats)
** narrate (verbally) and illustrate about habitats.

Looking for more continent studies? I'll add links as we add units.

Asia Unit

Australia Unit

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