Friday, August 20, 2010

7 Quick Takes

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The boys and I are finally settling in to this new routine. Keep everything as normal as possible through the day to accomplish our chores and learning, have a special event after dinner (last night was "floor baseball" invented by the 3 year old), then Skype daddy to discuss the day and sing and say I love you 80 million times.

And now I jinxed it.


Oh, Ann Voskamp. You say the things I've been thinking but unable to articulate.


I've already set our plans for the year, but Sarah's post about Spreading the Feast for her kids gave me a lot to think about for future years. Her plans detail lovely ways to include all three of her children in the different themes. It won't be long from now that I will have a second formal student and we will want inclusive topics.


Now that we've been into our school routine for a few weeks I figured out that some of the re-organization of our spaces isn't working out. Our writing isn't happening at the kitchen table like I thought it would- it turns out Ender needs a little space of his own. His table is set up for him, but I'm still hunting ways to set up the materials he needs. I *love* this writing center! Compact, but still providing all the necessary tools. Have you seen a writing space you love or are you the owner of one?


I'm participating in the Pi Shawl Knit Along on Wendy Johnson's blog. I'm half way through the second PDF and I'm really enjoying the lace! I made a first attempt at lace work about 6 months ago and I ripped back so many times that I actually gave up, which is not really something I do. I was honestly worried that this would feel much the same, but it's been surprisingly easy to follow. I must be growing as a knitter.


I finished the second Lemony Snicket book last night. I'm wondering how these books are so popular with kids. The constant break outs to explain what words mean is really obnoxious and there are several per chapter, practically 1 per page. Maybe it's really funny if you're yonger- am I too old to get these books? Maybe that's the problem. I think for now I'm going to continue the Levin Thumps books instead.


I've been looking for a little inspiration concerning ways to include nature in our home environment, and Kara had a very timely Nature Table post yesterday! I think Ezra is ready to handle a few more fragile things in our own center now that he is three and I'm eager to try out some ideas. How do you encourage nature study in your home, especially if you have under-5's in the home?


  1. Yes, Ann Voskamp...I only read her once a week now - usually Saturday am before everyone has gotten out of bed - because I can't do it without crying like a baby. It's become my stress relief valve, I guess. Is that more than you wanted to know from someone you've never met?

    Very nice to meet you, it sounds like you're super busy, but good busy. Be well.

  2. Wow, school starts very early where you are. We have another three weeks to wait!

  3. We homeschool and start in July since the heat is ridiculous July-September. Then we take time off in the fall and spring to enjoy the outdoors. :)


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