Monday, August 16, 2010

Letter A

Today we're sharing our letter A pages. We followed the routine I wrote about last week, and added a bit to our notebooks each day.

The materials for our notebooks are as simple as paper and a 3-ring binder. I'm using cardstock so that the pages will not pull out easily.

The elements used on the pages for this week were from Homeschool Share.

First, our title pages:

It would have been easy to make pages like this on the computer as well, but the boys requested "silly letters" (as Ezra calls them).

I presented several different activities to the boys and had them choose things to include on their pages. Ender's only extra page requirement was to include some letter A copywork- just 1 word starting with A. He chose apple since he painted an apple for his page.

Ezra chose some of the same things as Ender but he also had a special game to help him learn upper and lowercase A.

Our alphabet notebooks have been a great way to include Ezra (3-years-old) in our morning, and being able to tailor them a bit to each child has worked really well.

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