Thursday, August 12, 2010

While He's Gone

I'm going to use my nervous energy wisely.

To make our home feel lighter and full of hope.

To give us a solid beginning to this school year.

To make all the things I've been putting off in favor of spending my evenings with my husband. (time well-spent!)

My handmades list for his absence:

1. Mittens for both boys. These will be my first lined mittens and the first time for me working from the top down on a mitten. I'm using the ideas in Anna Zilboorg's Magnificent Mittens book for the structure, but not the colorwork since I'm under specific orders for JUST red and JUST green mittens. I'm almost to the thumb on the first mitten already, and I have the yarn and needles for the other pair as well.

2. Work hard on the Summit Scarf [rav link] for my mother-in-law. I have everything, just need to get started!

3. Pajamas for the boys. I need to grab up a bit of fabric for this still, but I'll remedy that little problem this weekend.

4. Two skirts for me. It is still *blazing* (yesterday was 99F, heat index around 110!) and I only have so many shorter skirts. I've had the fabric since spring and just haven't gotten around to making them for some reason!

5. Start Ender's Christmas Sweater. I have all the materials, just have to do the math before I get started!

6. Ummm... If I were in the mood to finish some things, I still have 3 sweaters missing a total of 4 sleeves. And 2 different socks in progress . . .

*side note* I go through seasons of starting and finishing. I start like 10 different projects within 2 weeks, tinker on each of them til something is really inspiring, finish that item and then go on a finishing spree til I'm down to about 2 WIPs.

Any bets on how much I'll actually get done?

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