Monday, February 7, 2011

Celebrate Winter: Soul Refreshment

Last week was a long week.

The blizzard moved through here on Tuesday, which meant a cuddled up snow day here but the rest of the week was a frantic rush of making up lessons to students who had missed for snow, a few extra hours for work with the worship department at church, my nephew's first birthday party, and family in from out of town. Oh and did I mention that Brian and Ezra were sick most of that time and I lost my camera?

I don't know about you but the colder it is the more I want to cuddle up in blankets and promise to come out when spring returns. The truth is that getting up, getting out and doing is an important part of keeping those spirits up, even when the effort to get out of the house takes a lot more energy. Doing makes a big difference in attitude, and for me having creative time to knit a few more stitches, to cut out new pajamas for little boys, or to write new words makes the difference between "worn down" Mama and "refreshed for the next day" Mama. Too often though that is the time I choose to drop after a long day and I feel the difference after a few days in a row without making *something*.

* * * * *

This Celebrate Winter endeavor is all about changing my mindset about this season- to search for the great activities found only in this season, to beat the winter blues that often come on in February, and most of all to choose joy during this time, resisting the urge to curl up and hibernate.

What do you do to feel refreshed through these colder months?

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