Thursday, February 10, 2011

In a Week

It's been strange to not write here the last few days, but it's been for good reason.

It feels like life exploded a little, but in a good way

So my nightstand looks like this after a week in a row of very full evenings instead of the quiet we usually enjoy.

We're taking on something new

A step toward the intentional life we'd like to lead

And on top of already wondrous opportunity is the possibility of 50F temperatures starting this weekend and going into next week even though it looks like this outside today

Ezra has been marking his name everywhere in the house this week (and I mean everywhere. I might as well follow him around with a Magic Eraser scrubber!)

And we'll share more when everything is official. God is so good!

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  1. We have a very similar night stand at our home. I hope to have some art work in a couple of weeks when the grandchildren arrive as well!
    Knitting and reading are progressing. Cooking is low on my list these days though. I had a very good gathering at the knit shop last evening and learned some great finishing-off techniques.
    I'm making a guess as to your news...and think I may be correct. Here's hoping!


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