Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bare Walls

This weekend I go hunting fabrics for the newly painted living room. I'm hoping to make our curtains and pillows before summer really gets here, but I'm also in search of a clock, and general decoration inspiration for this room.

I have ideas of what I'm going for- definitely something to break up the blue-grey, whites, springy greens or light blues, pale yellows...

Something big over the sewing desk (and maybe an inspiration board for me?)
**This photo is the best representation of the color**

Something hung to make the dining area feel a little more separate in our little space...

A collection? Fabric? A piece of art (perhaps childmade?)

And I think I've decided that this little wall will be our family photo wall,
which is why there are 10 framed photos sitting there in stacks.

All that is needed is a bit of time spent arranging and thinking before we hang them...


  1. I'd call that new color "CLEAN SLATE". How exciting!


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