Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yarn Love & Spinning Too!

The yarn fairy appeared yesterday with a box from knitpicks.  

I've never ordered there before, but I've had a cart open with different selections for awhile now with the intention to try out a few different things. The yarn fairy (aka that husband of mine) noticed and was nice enough to go ahead and order it as a bit of post-recital celebration.

The variety of solids above is all fingering weight, and mostly palette yarn, with the exception of the light blue Stroll sock yarn.

A little bit of laceweight, perhaps for Omelet...

And the scariest/most exciting bit, is a little bit of roving and a drop spindle! I'm excited to try something new this summer. Since I work about half of my usual schedule over the sumer I spend those months immersed in one hobby or another. This year will be spinning, hopefully including a class or two at a local store.

I'm hunting down spinning tutorials and information if you have any. I have the book  Respect the Spindle and also located Abby Franquemont's videos on Youtube, but I'd love more advice!


  1. Oh welcome to the Knit Picks cult...ummm...I mean club. You will never be able to go back.

  2. Omelet is lovely, way beyond my present abilities. Enjoy it! I need things that don't require too much concentration these days...and my eyes aren't what they used to be either.

  3. Debbie> that's what I hear! I'm excited about the possibilities. Our "local" yarn store is about an hour away over the state line, and that's just not a trip I can make terribly often with my two little boys. I get there about twice a year.

    Marie> it's a little beyond me too right now, but I'm hoping after a little bit more lace sock work to be able to attempt it- *slowly* of course!


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