Thursday, June 30, 2011

Because Sometimes You Need To Run Off

We tend to plan trips- even weekend trips- a long while ahead of time. Brian just isn't terribly spontaneous about that sort of thing. We planned a 4th of July weekend trip to the lake way back in January, but as his mother has become more and more ill we planned to stay here.

It seemed wise a few weeks ago when we made that decision, but we've come to realize in the last week that we just need time away, even for just a few days. After long weeks of helping out while my mother-in-law has had various procedures, including the beginnings of a treatment that led to the discovery of more tumor growth, we need a mental break from cancer. The next month will bring more surgery more chemo, more time together as we try to help each other through.

We picked up our plans again and we're heading out early in the morning.

We need a few days dedicated to

:: being outside

:: swimming

:: fishing

:: looking at cool things in the creek

:: sleeping in

:: staying up late

:: roasting marshmallows and hot dogs...

Because sometimes it's a good thing to step out of the every day,

To focus on a place and people you really love

And just be with them without the every day laundry and work and worries surrounding you.


  1. Enjoy your time away. It sounds like just what the doctor ordered... for the caregiver. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. I hope you have a lovely time and re-charge for caring for your mother in law.


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