Thursday, June 16, 2011


I was going to post something completely different this morning, but after reading Rachel's post this morning I changed my mind.

As I was reading her post Keeping It Real or Why I Make Things Myself I was nodding along and feeling yet another push down the path to our more intentional life.

It seems like all around us (in real life and online) people are making serious life transitions to work in a way that allows them to truly provide but still be more available to family. One of the great things about my studio is that I've been able to choose great families to work with and they have been more than understanding when lessons must be canceled because one of my children gets sick or when we have a  family emergency. It is a business and we don't cancel often, but when it has been necessary everyone has been more than gracious.

And while we have been very blessed with this business, there is still the fact that our boys are away from us for several hours each day and the fact that my brain is often taken up with work things in the evenings instead of really being able to spend time with my husband and taking care of our home. We've made our first big steps forward.

:: Brian finished school in 2010 and finally found a great job a few months ago.

:: We've gone on a bit of a food journey, now making a lot of things ourselves and not buying pre-made meals. (This is still a work in progress, somewhat contingent on my working fewer set hours)

:: We've made changes to the studio structure that will help with downsizing it in the next two years.

:: I'm looking at some other business options that will let me work from home without such permanently set hours.

But of course the next big thing is to actually jump- to work really hard to get another business off the ground so that we can really live the way we want to live.

It's kind of scary to be standing at the edge like this and knowing we have to either turn around and go back the way we came or carve a path all our own. And at the same time this might be the potential of my 30th year.

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  1. Just wanted to say hello . . . I found your blog via a guest post you did over at Simple Homeschool . . . which I found while checking out Steady Mom's blog. Anyway, thought it was interesting that our blogs have the same name (although spelled different) and we both posted something recently dealing with living more intentionally. Crazy. Ciao!


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