Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yarn Along

Yarning Along with Ginny....

I am still at work on Omelet, but now done with the C chart. I promise that I really am enjoying this knit and that it's not actually going slowly- I'm just having a lot less time to knit lately because June is really kicking my tail!

The evening hours I generally use for knitting are being eaten up this month by an odd work schedule, teeball games (sometimes 3 a week- isn't that crazy???), and lesson planning for the upcoming school year.

Actually, that should probably read "being wishy-washy about the lesson plans for the upcoming school year." I feel solid about what exactly we are planning to do, just trying to figure out the best way to communicate it without making myself crazy. I'm not a huge fan of the daily checklist, but I'm worried that I'll forget something if I don't do that kind of thing. So I'm trying out different lesson plan formats for the month of July and seeing how it goes before we really get going full time in August.

I finished reading another Artemis Fowl book last night but decided to launch directly into Catching Fire now that I finally have it from the library. I'm enjoying the Hunger Games series so much!

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  1. My sister has raved about the Hunger Games series!
    I still can't get enough of that yellow - it's looking great!

  2. I need checklists. It's the only way to organize my thoughts. When I don't have checklists, I feel overwhelmed by all that I want to accomplish and just sit there feeling overwhelmed.

    June is a tough month to keep knitting going. I'm working on jelly tomorrow...I love the summer, but part of me really misses the cold months of winter when I didn't have to worry about outside work and could just sit by the fire and knit.

  3. My son read the Hunger Game Triology and had me read them; we both thought they were great.
    I am a checklist gal...need it to function.
    Enjoy the tee ball games Erin, the knitting can wait.

  4. I am so in love with that color!!! I read Hunger Games but not the rest. Now I'm thinking I should!!! Happy Yarn along1

  5. Count me in as another checklister. I am also not a fan, but they do help keep me organized. -ish.

    That yarn is a gorgeous color!

  6. I still love your project and smile every time I see a photo, such a cheerful color!

  7. The shawl is coming along real nice!

    I'm dying to read that series.

  8. The shawl is looking as gorgeous as ever. Hope you can squeeze some more knitting time in soon. Jacinta

  9. Your shawl is lovely! I'll put The Hunger Games on my list, I have heard lots of good things about it.

  10. Omelet is gorgeous! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the Hunger Games series, I like it a lot, too!

  11. Wonderful color - so cheerful :) It looks beautiful!

  12. Love the color too! Tee ball games are great for knitting in my experience if you're not helping coach or chasing around siblings. :)


  13. Such a happy summery color! And it sounds like your summer is full of fun out-doors activities...lovely!


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