Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thirty {A Birthday Giveaway}

We had a little party over the weekend for my 30th birthday and everyone in the family got together to get me two things I've wished for often in the last year:

No more waiting to have yarn wound at the shop, ordering online will be a little easier now that I don't have to consider how much hand-winding will be involved before I can start a project, plus it's so much fun for the boys.

Ender has already wound 4 skeins.

And yes, we've already had the conversation about the swift and winder not being their personal toys...

Thirty feels remarkably like 29 and 28 and 27. . .  but for some reason this year feels like it might have more potential than the last few. Its hard to describe since everything is just in "plan" mode right now, but I think the general shape of the next several months is a good one.

Want to join me in celebration?

Upon looking through my modest-to-most yarn stash for skeins to wind Ender declared that I have "way too much small yarn" (sock yarn) and he's right.

So I have 2 lovely skeins of Knitpicks Stroll in Wonderland Heather to give away. You certainly don't have to make socks with these, but it is the perfect amount for a cute pair of socks.

Two ways to enter:

:: Leave a comment below and tell me how you celebrated or plan to celebrate your 30th birthday.

:: Subscribe to the blog and leave me a separate comment to let me know you subscribed.

Comments will close on Friday, June 17 at midnight Eastern time and a random winner will be announced on Saturday the 18th. I can ship to Canada or anywhere in the U.S. for this birthday giveaway.

****This giveaway is now closed****

AubreyLaine was our winner- I'm contacting you by email for your address. :)


  1. Well, if I remember correctly, I spent my 30th birthday at the beach with my family. It is my favorite place to go to celebrate any and everything. Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy birthday!!!! My 30th was spent with friends and lots of cake!

  3. Oh, happy birthday! I have a ball winder but no swift (my husband's arms are a good - if often somewhat grumbling - substitute!) & that is going to be my next purchase. It's amazing how much more quickly you can wind a ball of yarn that way, isn't it?

    I...don't remember how I celebrated my 30th. I'm sure there was a hockey game involved, as there usually is (my birthday falls right at the beginning of the season), and likely a nice dinner made by my husband, but it was 7 years ago & after a while they all blend together. :)

    It doesn't feel much different than the years preceding, does it? I'm approaching 40 and I keep wondering when I am going to hit the age that makes me feel like a grown-up... xo

  4. Happy Birthday! I agree, this aging this is deceiving, since I also don't feel any older than I did 10 years ago. But I do think as we age, we appreciate the potential that is out there, and learn to wisely take advantage of the moments as they present themselves...

    My 30th birthday was celebrated with a kid-free escape to (local to me) Jasper National Park, here in Canada. It was the very first time my hubby and I had been away overnight from our children, and it was really wonderful to spend a day & night just as adults, just as a couple. (And Jasper has a really cute yarn shop, where I found some lovely birthday goodies!)

  5. I am not sure yet :) I am actually just turning 25 this weekend so I have a ways to go! But most likely with my husband and daughter :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  6. Oh, Happy Birthday! For my 30th I bought yarn (seriously!), went bald eagle watching down by the river, and then went to dinner and a play with my husband. It was one of the most perfect birthdays I've ever had. :)

  7. Happy birthday! 30 hit me pretty hard so I didn't really celebrate. Just a quiet night with my family although there was cake involved.

  8. happy birthday! i have a way to go before i'm 30 (only 18 as of may), but i hope the years leading up to thirty are joyous and wonderful! as for the birthday, maybe i'll have a knitting party!


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