Monday, March 26, 2012

FO: Nephew #5 Puerperium

Yarn: Berocco Vintage DK

Needles: Size 8

For: Another nephew, this one due in May!

Cast On to Cast Off: 8 days, mostly because I was also trying to finish up another knit, so I spent two or three evenings on that one.

Notes: This was a super easy knit (as in I could read/talk/look at pinterest while knitting) and I love a project like that in between lace and socks.

I especially love the detail of the buttons down the left side of the body, and that was what I was drawn to when I picked this project. I know this is a pretty well-loved project according to the Ravelry project list (almost 1000 projects on Ravelry)  and there's a good reason why- simplicity, practicality ('cuz who wants to cram a sweater over a baby's head and make you worry that you're going to break their little neck?) and a lot of room to try cool things if you want to. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee knit a cool striped one, and there are more interesting stripes on this project page.

My only modification was that I chose to do short sleeves since this is for a spring baby but didn't jump straight to the garter section. When I picked up the stitches on the sleeves I knit 5 rows, purled 1 row, knit 1 row and then cast off.

Things I Learned: Nothing new this time around, but that was just what I needed.

Overall: Good project, quick knit, and I think this may go in the rotation of great baby gift knits.

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  1. I love it! I think I might have to get one going for my two friends' babies, and my October baby! Yay for enabing! (I have had you on my GFC for a long time, but only now figured out how Google Reader works, loL!)


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