Monday, January 14, 2013

Cardi Progress

Ellie and I stayed home for the whole weekend. She has been a little snuffly plus more snow and ice showed up again. Brian and the boys braved a super quick run to the grocery store for a handful of staples and went to church on Sunday without us, but otherwise stayed home with us.

I love when this happens (not the sick baby of course, but the staying home for two whole days) because it means we just have time to hang out. Chores get done early and that leaves plenty of time for games and fun meals and maybe a movie.

I made some good progress on my Shapely Boyfriend cardigan while Ellie napped. I made it through the waist shaping by last night and tonight I'll work my way through at least some of the hip shaping (it all depends on how much knitting time I get after kid bedtime tonight).

The real color of this yarn has been hard to capture. I've tried to photograph it in several places in the house, and even outside on Friday when the sun actually made an appearance in the afternoon. The two above are the most accurate, but the color is still somewhere between these two pictures. It's a soft gray blue, a little more to the blue side of things but not as bright as the top photo.

So far progress has been steady and problem free, but I'm pretty much triple reading all directions at this point. After my epic cast on error I'm particularly paranoid. Don't get me wrong- the pattern itself is great. I just seem to have a "reading directions" problem. It probably doesn't help that Ender keeps asking me if I've "made any more mistakes" every time he sees me working with this yarn.

Love that kid.

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