Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yarn Along

{Yarning along with Ginny to share current knits and reads...}

My Shapely Boyfriend Cardi is coming along nicely. I still have about 20ish rows to the end of the body but it's straight stockinette and that will finish nicely either tonight or tomorrow after work and getting kids to bed. 

Then it's on to my least favorite part of cardigans/sweaters to knit- the sleeves. I have some kind of sleeve issue the way some knitters develop Second Sock Syndrome. I know that if I just get them going and put the time in they will be done in a few very short nights of knitting, but that doesn't ever seem to help. I always put off starting sleeves and every single time I actually start them and finish them quickly I always mentally call myself a crazy person for not just getting on with it in the first place. I mean, they're so simple! And yet, I put it off. It's a little hilarious when you consider how much time I've already put into the body of a cardi/sweater- to then get hung up on a little sleeve is a bit embarrassing.

But take my other knit for example. That would be a pretty little Vertebrae for a new nephew due to arrive in a few weeks. It's a pattern I've knit before and LOVE. The body came together in two short evenings, but where am I paused? On the silly sleeves. The sleeves are practically nothing! However, they're knit in the round and I knit the body on US 4 circulars, neglecting to be sure I have size 4 DPNs for the sleeves. The fact is that US 4 is the ONLY size DPN I don't have, but I do have 2 circs in size 4 so I'm knitting with those instead... inducing much frustration because I really really dislike knitting on 2 circs.

... Aaaaaaaand a pair of US 4 DPNs just fell into my online cart so that I can stop arguing with myself.

I've been re-reading our base education books this past week. The Core, The Well-Trained Mind and the 3 R's have been the foundation of educating our boys. We don't follow absolutely everything, but this is where our base lies. I find it demands a re-read about twice a year- usually April-June, while I'm planning for the new school year, and somewhere around Christmas break I end up skimming through the sections where schooling feels a little wonky. It's skimming time and I'm concentrated on science right now since it is the subject most interesting to our boys and our human body unit is coming to a close in a week or two.

What are you reading and knitting this week?


  1. for some strange reason sleeves do not bother me. I get tired during the massive body knitting if it is stockinette (which my current project is). I hope you can power through the sleeves and have a finished project lickety split!!

  2. I love that baby blue color. I am OK with sleeves... but I hate starting the first row of each. Once I get going, they aren't so bad...

  3. yes sleeves can take forever! Great projects!

  4. I too get hung up on certain parts of sweaters. The part of ANY project that I HATE is weaving in the ends, and I have a blanket that I probably have 100 of them to weave in so I am procrastinating. But, I am almost done with the first sock in a pair, and I love the yarn so much I don't think second sock syndrome will be as much of a problem this time!


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