Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Little Spring Sewing

It snowed a little on Sunday. It was like winter poked me in the eye when I woke up early Sunday morning and went down to make my coffee only to find white stuff on the back porch. I seriously thought I might be hallucinating, but no. It was just a little more snow to make me stomp my feet and start the morning with a grumble instead of a praise.

Then it snowed again yesterday. I may have yelled and thrown something. Then I went to the computer and ordered fabric.

And when I saw a little bit of snow on the back porch this morning I couldn't make a sound. What can I do? Winter is mocking me and I'm not in any position to realistically fight back.

I will do what I can, though-  it's officially spring according to the calendar, so I refuse to put off spring sewing. Forget about late snow and freezing temperatures. We WILL be ready when spring weather actually arrives!

I have a stack of fabric at the ready (and now more on the way) and I've been working on cutting things out for a few projects that I can sew over the next 2-3 weeks as I find time. I started with cutting out fabric for a skirt for myself- I haven't made anything for myself in quite awhile, plus I want to save some of the kid sewing for the next KCW event. I saw the Gathered Girly Skirt tutorial on pinterest awhile ago and planned in my head to make it at some point this spring or summer, but after looking through my "Want to Make" list over the weekend I thought it was best to make it now. It will be a quick sew with simple construction, which is exactly what I need to get back into sewing mode for awhile. Now to find a few hours to get it sewn up!

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