Thursday, June 5, 2014

Binding and Thimbles

This past month has been my busy season for making t-shirt quilts and long arming for customers. In two months I have made 6 t-shirt quilts start to finish-  prepared the shirts, graft the patterns, sew it all together, long arm quilted it and added binding that is hand stitched, then long armed three large quilts and bound three more quilts. All this to say I have not blogged anything for quite awhile. Now I need to sort and clean my sewing areas so I can dive into some of my own projects.

This is a longarm pattern board with a stylus. I also use paper patterns and do custom freehand quilting.

Here is the quilt using the circle pattern that the customer chose.

I don't wear a traditional thimble when I'm binding a quilt. When I try to use a thimble, what ever finger does not have a thimble is the one I use, so the thimble is worthless for me. I also hold my finger with a lot of stress to keep the thimble in place, so I use a "ThimblePad" by Colonial Needle Company. It is that leather dot on my finger. They come in a pack of 12 with a pretty strong re-usable adhesive.

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  1. I just finished my third baby quilt in 2 weeks last night. I did straightline quilting on the most recent one and am not really that impressed with how it looks. What is the reason for a thimble? I always see them on quilting blogs as a must have so it makes me wonder if I'm doing something either 1.) wrong or 2.) inefficiently!


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