Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Temporary Space

The progress on my work space halted as we went on vacation and now that we've been back over a week, you'd think I would have been back down there, but I still haven't been able to make the trek. The need to get the garden in and work outside before it gets too hot for such things is too great. 

For now the dining room table has become my work space, and there is a lot going on here. Sock yarn wound into balls, ready to go (I spy seven skeins out, and I happen to know there are 2 more in that brown striped bag). My shawl in progress, well into the 8th section, singles spun, 1 bobbin full of 3ply that I need to wind on the swift...

The clipboard holds podcast plans, design notes and June's "quite relaxed" school plans, then to the side there is a history book, my "brain" notebook, and a jar of the best pens in the whole world.

And that shawl again.

This is why I need a creative space that doesn't take over the dining room table: a little place for all the thinking and working and plopping down my piles of yarn at the end of the day. A place for the swift and ball winder, for all my knitting books...

So I'm back in the little basement bedroom this morning, working hard to create the space I need with a new goal in mind: to finish the organizing part before Tour de Fleece gets going on July 5. After that there's still the painting. :)

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  1. I only recently created a nook in the guest bedroom and it was the best decision. I was scattered throughout the family room with baskets and shelves and while I am thrilled to look at my yarns, maybe everyone else might not be. I still do have a working basket there but everything else is in the guest room arranged for me :)


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