Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yarn Along

This week has not been so awesome- a ton of rain over the last two days canceled baseball games and practices, as well as our weekly science club. And then there was the completely unrelated flood in my laundry room as my washing machine gave up for the last time. We have big fans going on the downstairs carpet where most of the water went and we're hoping for the best right now. It's drying, and I have a new washing machine on the way.

I will totally admit to sitting and knitting as much as possible on my Citron (Colorway: Earth Death by Nerd Girl Yarns) for mental therapy. I finished section 8 last night and started work on the ruffle.Only 10 rows and a bind off left! My only worry is running out of yarn. I planned 8 sections instead of 5 because I wanted to use up the yarn (and of course wanted a bigger shawl), but it is certainly going to be close. I can always end the ruffle a row early if I truly come too close to finish the bind off. We'll see how close it is!

I've been reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon this week, and also started a summer study through Simplicity Parenting with a few other women, 1 chapter at each meeting. I've read the book before, but it's been 4 or 5 years since my last read.

What are you knitting and reading this week?

                                        {Yarning Along with Ginny this week. Will you join us?}


  1. I know how you feel. Our basement has been flooded for over a month now. Usually it floods with heavy rain but we found out last week that our water main is cracked... Thankfully it's unfinished concrete floors but we have a lot of throwing out to do when it gets repaired.

    Your shawl is beautiful. Yellow and blue are my favorite colors. Sometimes we just need that extra peace to get us through the stress, even if it means avoiding things that need to get done!

  2. My suggestion would be to put in a lifeline where you can. That way, if you do run out of yarn, you can rip back to your lifeline and figure something out to finish the shawl.

  3. So sorry about your washer! hope the area dries out fast? love your citron :)sorry about your washer and the unexpected flooding, hopefully it will be dry quick. Love your citron!

  4. Oh, so sorry to hear about your washer. I have had that happen before. I hope your carpeting dries well. Your shawl is beautiful. Great yarn.

  5. sorry about your flood mess!
    I LOVE the colors of your yarn- so fun!


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