Monday, July 21, 2014

In Which My Body Slows Me Down

Last week was not a great week, guys. The quick version is that I *don't* have a broken foot or a sprained wrist (in separate bouts of general clumsiness), but I did accidentally have some foods I can no longer have and it has knocked me down flat. I spent the last few days essentially on the couch or sleeping. This is the first morning I've woken up feeling like a human.

There will be a new podcast episode coming soon (sorry for the delay!) and another Tour de Fleece update in the next day or two. I lost a few days of spinning with the bruised foot, but also got a few really awesome spinning tools in the mail that I'm planning to talk about as soon as I've used them a little more.

I will be back in this space soon!

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  1. Oh my :( I'm sorry you haven't been well, take care and I'm thrilled that you are not officially broken in body parts!


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