Monday, July 14, 2014

Tour de Fleece Update #1

Tour de Fleece is taking over, and I mean that in the greatest of ways. I find myself finishing up my spinning for the day and automatically thinking forward to when I'll next be able to spin. My pile of wool is shrinking as my singles and plied skeins grow.

Below is my progress so far:

Day 1 (7/5)- 2 oz.
Day 2 (7/6)- 1 oz.
Day 3 (7/7)- plied 3 oz. together
Day 4 (7/8)- 1 oz.
Day 5 (7/9)- spun 1 oz.
Day 6 (7/10)- 1 oz.
Day 7 (7/11)- plied 3 oz. together.
Day 8 (7/12) - spun 2 oz.
Day 9 (7/13) - spun 1 oz.

The plan for today is to ply, and then maybe spin another ounce, but I'll have to see how work and school goes today. Did I mention we started back to a half schedule of school last week?

If you're spinning for Tour de Fleece, or even just spinning and want to share, be sure to post in comments so we can come visit your progress!


  1. look at you go! I am assuming you are feeling good enough to produce such lovely yarn.

  2. Your yarn looks great! I'll be showing my progress on Wednesday. I love this time of year so I can get a lot of my spinning done!


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