Friday, July 11, 2014

Spin Share

I'm working on spinning a little each day, and sharing my progress in this space on Fridays. 
Please join me! Share your spinning progress in comments- I'd love to see your work!

Over the first few days of the tour I spun 3 ounces and plied them into this first skein. I'm spinning more singles today and through the weekend, and hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I'll have more skeins to show you!

I'm really loving this Shetland and how it is spinning up. One of my boys thinks the sheepy smell of the wool is hilarious; the other is not amused. I think it's wonderful, of course!

Have you been spinning this week? 

Share a link to your spinning progress in comments so that we can come visit your beautiful work!

1 comment:

  1. I just love the smell of sheep when I'm spinning (at the farm - not so much). Shetland is one of my favorite spins. I have a couple of pounds leftover from a few years ago. If I finish this TDF project early then I will spin my Shetland. Here's my progress: Happy Spinning!!!


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