Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Again with the Socks

More socks.

I know.

This is really strange to me, because until 2014 I *wanted* to knit more socks but didn't. And this is the first year I didn't set a focused on goal on socks, and yet.... socks. Eight pair, so far, seven for in my own drawers, and another two pair on the needles. I don't dare set a goal for the rest of the year, because I've already blown out my previous yearly sock knitting totals by quite a ways.

I finished these vanilla socks Sunday night while watching the first episode of Outlander, and had to cast on for the House Targaryen Socks as soon as I freed up the needles. I'm trying to move away from vanilla socks for a bit and into some patterned things, but nothing too scary yet. I love pattern suggestions!

I'm about 25% from the end of Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon on the kindle, and not really sure what I will move on to read once I'm finished with it- I've been reading the series since around the first of the year (with some other books in between), but once I finish this current one (which came out last month) it will likely be 4-5 years before the next one comes out. It's been nice to be invested in a significant series like this, but it always leaves me longing for another series to read.


  1. These are lovely. I wish I could get into socks...i've tried them, I've enjoyed knitting them, but so far each pair that i've made have turned out wonky. I don't know if my feet or weird or if i'm just a bad sock knitter. I'm almost afraid to give it another go...but these are pretty enough and fun enough that you may have inspired me to try them at least once more...

  2. Beautiful socks- very pretty color way, I bet these will be well loved.

  3. It's always more socks over here! I have two pairs on the needles and I'm about to cast on another pair. It's an awful addiction. It really is. I really love the yarn you used for your socks!

  4. I always have a couple of prs. of socks on the needles...don't feel slothful watching the tube if I'm knitting! Your socks are the color. Our local yarn shop has the most tempting array of sock yarns. Can't visit there too often!

  5. nothing wrong with more socks! I finished a pair and I'm taking a break to return to shawl making, that is where my heart is calling me!

  6. Sometimes it is easier to knit items that aren't on a to do list. Your socks are beautiful.


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